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  • Call Center Outsourcing and Customer Support-as-Service
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All telephone services in one place: Forwarding – Voicemail – VOIP – SIP – Cloud PBX – IVR – SMS – Softphone – WhatsApp – and much more

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    The World's Best Phone Networks:

    FREE Company in Holland

    Start your business today in one of the most prestigious countries in Europe without start capital and investments. Enjoy the tax benefits, banking services, and outstanding logistics infrastructure.

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    Auto Attendant - Voice Menu - IVR

    All Virtual Telephony Services in One Place

    Customer support is crucial for every business as clients have questions that need to be solved as soon as possible. The most common (and fastest) way to reach a company is through a phone call, and even small businesses can experience a struggle to handle a high volume of calls.

    That’s when an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) comes into play. It is a system that interacts with incoming calls from customers via voice or dialing, or it can also be used internally for business employees. An IVR system provides customers with limited menu options, and if the category is not listed, the callers can choose to be transferred to an agent or leave a voicemail. By selecting various options, IVR transfers the calls to the chosen departments, saving a lot of time and improving the customer experience.

    Interactive Voice Response or IVR systems can be generated digitally or pre-recorded by a person. It is designed to sort out inquiries, reduce the waiting time, and enhance the performance of employees as they know what problems or questions they are going to handle on the phone.

    To interact with the IVR system, the caller can dial the numbers or simply respond by repeating one of the given options. A well-devised Interactive Voice Response system is a useful addition that can greatly affect the performance of the business and reduce costs.

    Rent a Company

    With Rent-a-Company you can easily get paid and invoice your clients from the rented company. Simply focus on your work and clients without having to deal with the costs and time constraints of running your own company.


    No contracts. Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel anytime.

    Our prices are guaranteed all inclusive with no hidden fees or charges.

    Package Forwarding Services

    Receive any delivery at our address. We will forward it wherever you want. Free Address | Free Storage | Free Photo

    Proof of Address Service

    Get official verifiable Proof of Address for personal or business purposes with notarial certification and Apostille.

    Virtual Office Services

    Full-service Virtual Office Provider: Incoming Mail scanning, translating and forwarding to email or postal address

    Fulfillment Services

    Technology Driven E-Commerce Fulfillment: Re-Packaging | Re-Labeling | Re-Shipping | Returns


    Business Bank Account

    Looking for a bank account for your company? With Bank.pro, in just a few clicks, you can apply for your Business Bank Account at 50+ participating banks.

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